Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On "Squareness".......

On several occasions, over the previous month, I have meant to make mention of something to my student's that I am going to “point out” here. Although “technically” there are no “square” shapes (within the kanji), the forms that are close, come in “2” variations.

The “first”, is of the “empty” square. The “second” is the “filled” square. At first glance, one may “miss” the subtle difference between the two. If the “square”(or “box”) is “empty”, then the “bottom of the Right hand “leg” will be concealed within the lower stroke (ie. “non-protruding”).

But, If the “box”, has something within it, then the Right hand leg will “protrude” from the lower (bottom) stroke

This “standard” doesn't change, even when “both” elements are contained within the same kanji.

Although a "minor" point, it none-the-less, is an important one to remember.

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