Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shodo “Table” and “Seiza Bench”

   Although students can easily utilize a standard table and chair for practicing Shodo, I've found the use of a “Seiza Bench”, and an appropriately sized table to be “easier” to use. If these are able to be used, the student will find the ability to use one's “body” to be much easier to do.

   I've provided the appropriate dimensions for 2 sizes of tables (one for “groups”, and one for “personal” use). These will require appropriately sized “chairs”(in this case, “Seiza” benches), which I have also provided dimensions for. These “benches” will work for the majority of student “sizes”. If you, or another student requires a “different” size (Larger, or smaller) these can be easily adjusted for (when making them).
When using these items, a student can more easily use one's “body” while executing the basic strokes. This ease of “ability” (to use one's whole body), will allow the student to add (the “appearance” of ) “flow” to the project being brushed.

   For the “tabletop”, one can use a 4' X 8' (“plywood” sized) sheet of “layered” plywood. Although “particle” board could be utilized, “I” would recommend against it. “Particle” board, tends to warp, and will “disintegrate” if it becomes wet, and is most susceptible to damage (from any abuse, even accidental). For a “personal” table, one can utilize a ¼ sheet (2' X 4') of plywood.
If one is “really” poor, they can use “cinder-blocks” for support “legs”(and are often “close” to the required height), but I would recommend purchase of (threaded) “table-legs” with the appropriate “mounting” brackets. These can be easily sawed off to the correct height if/when required (and being “threaded”, can be removed for storage of the table when not in use).

   The 4' X 8' sized table will “compactly” sit 6-8 students (if necessary), though “4 or 6”(students) is the more common number which would be planned for. The smaller/personal sized one (2' X 4') can sit “2” if/when required. It must be noted, that “room” for the individual “tehon” examples, be maintained.
The entire table top should be covered with “felt” (and for “obvious” reasons, I would recommend “black” for a color, though other colors could be utilized, for “aesthetic”reasons, “black” is easier to maintain). This covering eliminates the need for any “under sheet” for the student's paper (to prevent “bleeding” through).

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