"Way of the brush"
Have you ever wanted to learn to brush Oriental Calligraphy without having to learn how to read it?
It is not necessary to be able to read kanji to reproduce it. There are certain strokes and methods of executing them that must be followed in order for them to be correct though.
The classes that are offered will set you on the right track for accurate and correct reproduction of this beautiful calligraphy form.
Aside from the visual beauty this style of calligraphy offers, many beneficial attributes from it's study can be gained. These include;
· Better Posture
· Better Breath Control
· Relaxation Techniques
· Acute Concentration
· Improved Focus

Tony K. Skeen is certified and licensed through :
(Japanese Calligraphy Educational Foundation).
The student can rest assured that the instruction they are receiving is both correct and accurate.
Materials and supplies are also available (through the instructor) from
These are of the highest quality and most affordable prices available. 
(The NIHON SHUJI KYOIKU ZAIDAN is a non-profit organization)

General outline of Beginner's Introductory Course
In the beginner's course the student will learn;

· 28 Strokes that are necessary for brushing Oriental kanji character's
· Care and Cleaning of the Brush and Utensils
· Proper Arrangement and Structure for Brushing Kanji
· Use of “The New Nelson's Japanese-English Character Dictionary” 
The student will also be shown the "katakana" phonic system which the Japanese use for writing foreign words (such as foreign names). 

If interested in attending classes, contact the Kenshukai/Ryushinkan Dojo. KCMO.64137 

Oyata Te  “Group” seal
seals produced by T. Skeen

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